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Chris Schmidt

Realtor® | Property Specialist

Dr. Thomas B.
Tyler & Bob S.
Josie S.
Audrey F.
Asya S.
Tani C.
I was planning a move to Los Angeles from CT where I had been living and working for 40 years. Mo was extremely helpful in guiding me to a variety of options for buying. Mo was quick to understand what I was looking for and made himself consistently available to deal with questions and negotiations. I found him to be very knowledgeable about the market, skilled in negotiating, and very comfortable to wor...

— Dr. Thomas B.

Chris could not have been more helpful and patient in our home buying experience. He gave great advice and had sound strategies. Several years later when we elected to sell our house, we contacted him and we were able to experience his genius once again. Responding immediately, they had 4 offers above our asking price in less than 4 days after listing. There is no one else I would consider representing u...

— Tyler & Bob S.

Between my ex-husband and I, thanks to Chris, we have bought 3 homes, sold 1, and have gotten 3 awesome renters for the duplex. We couldn't be happier! Chris is absolutely the guy that you want to have representing your home buying dreams and budget. He takes the time to find out what you like walking around the homes with you. He knows about the neighborhoods in regards to safety and appreciating value....

— Josie S.

Chris Schmidt is calm, easy-going, attentive, empathetic, knowledgeable, committed, trustworthy, resourceful, diligent, and NOT PUSHY. He respects clients' boundaries and limits and is hyper aware and respectful of individual comfort zones. That said, when it comes to business, he examines all the angles to every deal, is creative and hard-working, and will stop at nothing to help you realize all your re...

— Audrey F.

I want to take this opportunity to recommend Chris Schmidt and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell their house. I have just had the opportunity to work with Chris on both sides of a transaction, first selling my house and during that time, finding our new home. I literally was floored by the professionalism that one person can bring to the table and the savvy tactics that he knows representing the ...

— Asya S.

I worked with Chris to sell my house in Torrance after meeting with a different realty company. Talk about night and day. Chris and his team descended upon my house within 1 day of our meeting. They took notes, looked closely at every detail in my home, and let me know exactly what the process was and what it would take to sell my home for the price point I demanded. It really was amazing. Yes, people sa...

— Tani C.

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