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Conveniently located between the South Bay and LA proper, it is one of the most accessible neighborhoods around.

Welcome to Culver City

Culver City is one of the fastest-growing and desirable neighborhoods in the West LA area. Its quiet side streets flanked with charming single-family homes juxtaposed with main roads now teeming with high-end condos and apartments make the city feel both big and small. Activity, culture, and delicious mom-and-pop restaurants pack the five-square-mile city.

Global corporations like Apple, Amazon, and HBO have opened massive studios and distribution centers. With explosive job growth and thriving community life, prospective residents are flocking to Culver City in 1849-like droves.

Conveniently located between the South Bay and LA proper, Culver City is one of the most accessible neighborhoods around. Culver has a rail that leads into downtown Los Angeles, offering an invaluable traffic-free way to access LA. The 405 and 90 freeways provide more accessibility, and the city is situated in the middle of many other popular neighborhoods. It’s no wonder it’s one of LA's hottest real estate markets. Home value is increasing rapidly, with the people who work at the many businesses in Culver wanting to also live in the quaint LA city. The small community and “know your neighbor” feel make Culver City unique and desirable in our fast-paced, connection-challenged world.

From Culver City’s genesis in the early 20th Century as the Mayberry-Esque "Heart of Screenland" to the mini-metropolis it is today, the city’s residential and corporate lives have been inexorably linked. Culver is dubbed the Heart of Screenland because Samuel Goldfish (later Goldwyn) started Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, aka MGM, in the early 20th Century. Over the last 100 years, studios like MGM, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures have upheld the famed title. The various Culver City studios are home to huge movies and TV shows, including the illustrious decades-long runs of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!

Fifty years ago, in 1971, a significant redevelopment program began revitalizing Culver City. They added the Westfield Culver City mall, revitalized the lauded Kirk Douglass Theatre downtown, and cleaned up the entire city. The addition of great restaurants and art galleries to the city's eastside earned it an Arts District moniker and has garnered national acclaim as a culture and arts hub. Culver City is now one of the most desirable neighborhoods around.

Once people move to Culver City, they don’t want to leave. Homes are going on the market less and less. Once they do, they move quickly. There are various rentals available, but their prices are always on the rise. People are willing to pay for it. Many new residents are young professionals making enough income to support the demanding cost of living. The tech and film industries are booming, and their protegees are looking for places to live nearby.

Culver is still a walkable little town with innovations made constantly. Officials recently opened a dedicated biking lane to decrease car traffic and increase resident mobilization. Their public transit systems are affordable and effective, and the city is small enough to make many places of business just a stone’s throw from many residences.

Consider the booming big industries paired with the bespoke boutiques and family-run businesses, and you have the essence of Culver City. We understand why Los Angelenos and transplants are beelining for a Culver City zip code. And we're here to help make the dream come true.

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