Always the melting pot, it offers more diversity than maybe any other neighborhood in LA.

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Chances are if the show or movie you’re watching is filmed anywhere in LA, you’re going to be introduced to that fact with a panning overview of the iconic Santa Monica Pier. With its roller coaster, Ferris Wheel, and other carnival-like attractions, the Santa Monica Pier is in a class of notable on its own. 
Santa Monica is a blend of lively cosmopolitan and casual beach vibes. The 8.3 square-mile city is home to celebrities, artists, tech moguls, and creatives. There are both million-dollar mansions and small older bungalows peppered throughout the city. As the city has been moderately gentrified, for better or worse, Santa Monica’s character is still prevalent everywhere you look. 
Santa Monica is basically Hollywood’s beach - it’s due west of Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and most of the other big LA neighborhoods. With sprawling, sandy shores and ample parking at Ocean Park and Will Rogers State Beach, there’s plenty to go around for everyone. 
The city’s proximity to these cities also lends to its desirability. Santa Monica is sort of in the middle of everything; you’re close to the metropolitan LA area, the cliffs and seaside paradise of Malibu, and just a few miles from LAX. Freeway and LA Metro stop make it even more accessible. 
Eight distinct neighborhoods make up Santa Monica, each offering its own brand of retail, restaurants, and recreation. Most of the commercial side of Santa Monica is densely located, making it a walkable, bikeable, or scooter-able city. Once you get to the Third Street Promenade - a closed walk street teeming with shopping, dining, and entertainment - you won’t want to leave. 
Always the melting pot, Santa Monica offers more diversity than maybe any other neighborhood in LA. A billionaire may live next to a starving artist, and the city is known for its high unhoused population. The assortment of demographics and lifestyles makes for a dynamic, ever-evolving real estate market. To understand Santa Monica is like divining the truths of the universe; it may be difficult, but once you have it down, you’re invaluable. 
The homes range from tiny beach cottages to sprawling mansions, so agents need to understand all types of buyers. It may not be the most expensive beach city in LA, but it’s at the top of the list in popularity. 
Most people know the tourist spots of Santa Monica, but living there offers the quintessential LA experience. It’s a blend of city, suburbia, and beachside city that’s hard to replicate. That’s why named it the #1 Suburb to Live in LA. With excellent schools, an unrivaled vibe, and eight diverse neighborhoods to choose from, Santa Monica delivers.

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